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Frankie Almeida, MA-Ayurveda

Thank you for finding yourself here! I'm an Ayurvedic Practicioner, Reiki Master, folk herbalist, and Ashtanga Yoga student based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm a lesbian healer born and raised in the East Bay with ancestral roots in Mexico, Ireland, Portugal, and France. I began studying yoga when I was a teenager and immediately found immense power and peace in connecting with my breath. This introduction to healing practices that reach the body, mind, and soul led me to fall in love with Reiki and Ayurveda in 2019. After experiencing improved mental clarity, digestion, and a deep sense of peace, I knew I had to dive deeper. I studied Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute and Reiki at the Wu Wei School of Reiki. I'm immensely grateful to have been welcomed into the lineages of Reiki and Ayurveda. 

I strive to cultivate an atmosphere of love and connection in my life and my work. Throughout my life, I have felt called to a vocation of healing and hope to spend this incarnation learning how to work with nature and prana, or vital life force, to bring optimal health, peace, and joy to my life and the lives of those around me. I'm passionate about providing holistic wellness sessions that are trauma-informed, body-inclusive, and queer centered. I strive to create a healing environment that recognizes that health can exist at any size, systemic injustice influences our health, and community support is key to wellness.


I value empathetic and compassionate connections with clients who are ready to better understand the healing potential within them. Using Ayurvedic wisdom, Reiki, herbalism, therapeutic grade essential oils, crystals, and sound healing, I create integrative and individualized healing sessions with a desire to work toward a client's holistic health. It's a great honor to heal with you.

"Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion." - bell hooks

Healing Experience
  •      Reiki Practitioner; 2019-Present​​

  •      Yoga and Meditation student; 2015-Present

    • Focus on Ashtanga Yoga

  •      Herbal Communion - Apothecary 2020

    • Owner and Maker

  •      Ayurvedic Health Practicioner; 2021- Present

  • Master of Arts in Ayurveda 

    • Mount Madonna Institute; Watsonville, CA - Graduated April 2024

  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology

    • Southern Oregon University; Ashland, OR - Graduated Magna Cum Laude June 2018

  •      Reiki

    • Wu Wei School of Reiki; Berkeley, CA - Completed Master level training October 2019​​

  •      Herbalism

    • Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine; Wearverville, NC - Completed February 2021

      • 150 hour Herbal Medicine Making Course

  •      Ayurveda

    • Mount Madonna Institute; Watsonville, CA - Completed 2021

      • Ayurvedic Health Counseling - 735 hours of academic and supervised clinical training

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